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Solo Ads Goodies & Benefits

 How do the Solo Ads work..?

Our solo ads go to all subscribed members, subscribing to the solo ads is not something you have to do.
We use a separate opt-in process for this, and members choose to participate in the solo ads, it is double opt-in, just like joining our site is, every member that wishes to participate in the solo ads has to separately do this from their edit profile and must confirm their email address.
With that said our members report to us all the time, they are getting results from them.
And remember all of our members are paid members, you can not participate in our solo ads, if you have not purchased a traffic package.
These are proven buyers, so if you have good email copy and a good offer, you should get results from them.

A Unique Benefit

Our solo ads also all post to our Ad Blog, which is a public page that gets spidered and indexed by the search engines, and your solo ads stay on the ad blog permanently.

One-time Cost, Life-time Benefit

Your solo ads are a lifetime benefit, you can use the solo ads to advertise to the entire subscribed membership of Leased Ad Space forever, no matter how large the site gets, this is permanent advertising, to advertise what ever you wish. Just As a Pearl member you can send 1 solo ad every 28 days forever. With every traffic package purchase after that, the amount of time you have to wait between sending your solo ad out cuts down.

Set Up A Dedicated Email

But yes, you will receive solo ads, at your subscribed receipt solo email address from other members. Many people set up a separate gmail account for this service because many people have an email address totally dedicated to using solo ad services, safelist and mailers. Which when used properly, these are some of the best advertising services you can use, I have been using them for years.

You should always set up a separate email for marketing purposes, usually that will be a gmail address, because gmail is pretty much the most reliable online, and usually gives you the largest capacity, meaning the amount of emails you can receive before they start bouncing. I literally have over 1 million emails in one of my gmail accounts at all times, because I am heavily involved in safelist, mailers and solo ad marketing, and that is completely normal. Do I read them all, hell no, but do I click on some of them and join some programs, absolutely..

You do not have to click on and read every one of these emails. Through out your internet marketing, you will join many traffic programs, and get many emails alone from the program owners..

Very Effective, Reach More People Instantly

Mailers, safelist, solo ads, and email marketing are one of the most effective ways of advertising online...

With any marketing strategy, you just need to figure out how it works and the most effective way to take advantage of it.

I have joined many programs and bought products my self by clicking on peoples ads, because I have joined many programs and bought products my self by clicking on peoples ads, because something catches my eye.

This form of marketing flat out works! This is not a new way of advertising, and has been used for years..

It is not uncommon for people who master this traffic method to be able to reach over a hundred thousand people a day with their offers!

Think about it, all advertising methods involve sharing with one another, in one way or another.

The only difference is in how the offer is delivered.

Check out our Alexa ranking:

Lots of our own traffic comes from other mailers, safelist and solo ads, these are very effective traffic resources, and why it is one of our featured products.

If you are not using them, you are missing out big time.

Understanding the Leased Ad Space platform :

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